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We are the INTERNIST of your company

Our company is like a living, breathing organism.Let us take good care of it, and in case of experiencing any problems, let us turn to the appropriate professional!


Why is it that when experiencing bodily or psychological problems, we immediately turn to an expert, doctor, psychologist or coach, but when it comes to our business being “ill” or stuck in its development, we do not tend to contact the professional needed who could be of aid.


Yet, a company is a living organism, as it lives, “breathes” and develops the same way as a human being does. If it is not taken care of, it becomes less efficient and profitable, but if it is looked after properly, it blossoms in a healthy and seamless way. If a firm for some reason experiences setbacks in its growth, its inner processes or resources are usually the ones at fault, as inadequacies in terms of business and/or human resource flows (we could state that the “blood flow” of the company is inefficient) can be present. It can also be possible that a returning and permanent issue that cannot be overcome by the organization exists due to the lack of needed experts employed, or simply the fact that some positions are not filled by the ideal people.


The periodical assessment of the firm, therefore, becomes paramount in identifying hidden flaws and correcting/improving existing processes and structure (just like in case of a general medical examination). Frequently, these actions can be “lifesavers” during the existence of an organization.


How to search for an ideal expert upon the detection of issues?


Many ask us how we can be of assistance. You can simply view us as an INTERNIST. We map out the existing deficiencies of a company and assess them, correct errors, propose fitting solutions, build appropriate processes and organisational structure.


Our firm is perfectly capable of assisting when it comes to enhancing operative functioning. This becomes possible because, in contrast to other companies, we work with experts boasting hands-on, operative experience. As a result, our colleagues are fully familiar with the potential clients’ needs.


Knowledge Pyramid’s goal is to provide support connected to organization-related setups, restructuring and downsizing alike. Our colleagues can also assist in the management of distinct business-related challenges and the efficient utilization of human resources. Finally, it becomes important to emphasize our company’s mentor-like qualities, with which we further aid our clients’ decision-making and execution capabilities while maintaining a close partnership with them.

Diagnosis, uncovering the problems at hand  It is important to note that it is difficult to spot and change problems within a firm from an internal perspective. With the involvement of external experts however, it becomes possible to identify and correct certain flaws that could otherwise go unnoticed. In such cases, the external specialist assesses the workflows at hand within the company and the skillsets of the people responsible for them. Such thorough work is necessary, as certain deficiencies can only be identified this way, such as:
  • The identification of team members that are in the wrong roles
  • The lack of a needed employee responsible for a given workflow
  • General dissatisfaction related to work morale
  • The inefficiency of work distribution,
  • …And the list can go on…
If these imperfections can be exposed, the next step becomes their correction. However, the exact methodology to do so also matters. How can organizational deficiencies be remedied? The ideal expert does not simply uncover the faults within an organization but also proposes opportunities and advice for the sake of their resolution. For example, if he/she were to notice that an employee is not assigned to a fitting role, then firstly a suitable alternative work opportunity within the company has to be found, which results in the firm becoming more efficient, and the morale of the now properly placed employee skyrocketing. The delegated expert in the field can assist with this task as well if asked to do so. Another common issue experienced at organizations is when they do not recognize the need for recruiting a new colleague for a given role. Knowledge Pyramid does not simply reveal firm-related insufficiencies, but also provides aid when it comes to the recruitment and selection of perfectly fitting professionals and leaders. The same way we periodically attend a routine medical examination, the same way should our business also be examined from time to time. These were only a few examples given to highlight the importance of the periodical examination of a company’s functioning and potential problems. A tremendous amount of money, energy and human resources become lost if every so often one does not take care to evaluate a business’ internal processes. For this reason, I saw the importance of writing this blog entry to raise awareness of the fact that organizations themselves also require the attention of an “internist”, who can check-up on them to see whether everything is okay.




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