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Giving back to the sector that has helped me to become who I am today

What is my longstanding dream? – This is a question that has been popping up in my mind quite a few times recently.


I have been thinking about the industry that I have been working in for the last 20+ years – that is, the service center industry. I realized that one of the greatest faults in the sector can be summarized in the following sentence: Lack of clarity.


When it comes to lacking clarity or direction, I am not thinking about the professionals who have been working in the sector for a considerable time. Rather, I tend to think about how confusing the sector can be for young talent in general – fresh graduates, employees having 0-2 years of experience and the like. This group of people, despite possessing almost immeasurable amounts of raw talent, skill, and enthusiasm, are many times not able to find their place in the sector. Confusing job descriptions or role names, mediocre onboarding and training practices and simple „bad luck”, such as having a bad leader placed on top of them not just simply disorients this valuable workforce potential, but leaves them in utter confusion when it comes to their place within the „big picture” – that is, the Company.


This has been a problem since time immemorial within the sector, and I have always hoped that I would be able to change it, or at least, create something of value that would prevent the waste of talent within the sector.


Thankfully, I can say that my dream has finally had the chance to become a reality.


We at Knowledge Pyramid Kft. decided to jumpstart a program dedicated to helping individuals fulfill their true potential by imparting our knowledge about the service center industry through a series of educational modules. The modules aim to offer insight into what service centers are about, what kind of roles are available within them, and perhaps most importantly, what lies behind the job descriptions of the roles offered within the sector.

With this program, I believe that we are doing something that has been long overdue – by supporting the pillars of our industry, that is, future generations, we enable them to add value where they really are the best.


This is where the slogan of our program comes from:

„Uncover your hidden potential”.


Everyone has something incredible within them. I want people to see this, and to use it, and to soar to great heights of success.




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